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Project GIME

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The Geotechnical Information Exchange ITR Project is an NSF sponsored research collaboration project (Jean-Pierre Bardet, PI; Roger Zimmermann, Co-PI) aimed at supplying ITR solutions for the exchange and utilization of geotechnical information. Nowadays Information Technologies (IT) unleash new powerful opportunities for collecting, exchanging, and utilizing geotechnical information, which should be explored for the sake of our civil infrastructures. Our research creates ITR methods for resolving major issues associated with the collection, exchange and utilization of geotechnical information. The research integrates different IT methods to produce a comprehensive and complete description and utilization of geotechnical information starting from the data generation in the laboratory and field to its end usage by engineers and planners involved in civil infrastructure systems.

Objectives of the research:

  1. Define versatile data structures based on the knowledge of domain experts on selected geotechnical information.
  2. Define metadata by geotechnical domain experts describing the processes generating geotechnical information, including development of automated metadata collection for facilitating user input.
  3. Develop data mining tools for geotechnical information, and creating QA/QC algorithms integrating data and metadata
People Involved
Roger Zimmermann
Jeff Wei-Shinn Ku
Leo Haojun Wang
Yu-Ling Hsueh

Project Web Site

  • The project web site is GDME. In addition to more details about the project the site also includes a sample Java client application that lets users access our borehole data repository.

Additional Information