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Project Location-based Services in Support of Social Media Applications

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LBS Support for Social Networks

Social networking has recently emerged as an important driver in the area of technology development and adoption. In an increasingly connected world, social networking can bridge geographical distance to bring people with similar interests together. Often, technology adoption is a "top-down" process as new technology is initially expensive and hence introduced in affluent areas first. In the proposed project we aim to develop technologies and designs that appeal to a larger audience of possibly under-served communities that currently make limited use of technology. To achieve this objective we will develop technologies for location-based services (LBS) that provide the foundation for innovative applications to improve people's lives. The enabled applications will leverage the techniques to provide services which meet the needs of the targeted group of people, such as learning, healthcare, social interaction, tourism, and agriculture.

With the increasing capabilities of mobile devices, there has been a growing interest in location-based services. With such services, implicitly the geographical position of the user is taken into account when interacting with various applications, allowing for novel application features. We propose to leverage the basic positional-reference capabilities that are increasingly becoming a standard function even on lower-end handsets.

People Involved
Roger Zimmermann
Ying Zhang
Bernard C.Y. Tan

Project Web Site

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Additional Information

  • The project is supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier-1 FRC grant no. T1 251RES0918.
  • See project pages.
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