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Project Yima

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The research activities at the Data Management Research Lab and USC's Information Laboratory during the past several years have resulted in the design, implementation and evaluation of Yima, a scalable real-time streaming architecture that enables applications such as video-on-demand and distance learning on a large scale. Yima incorporates lessons learned from first generation research prototypes and it also complies with industry standards in content format (e.g., MPEG-2, MPEG-4) and communication protocols (RTP/RTSP).

The Yima server is based on a scalable cluster design. Each cluster node is a off-the-shelf personal computer with attached storage devices and, for example, a Fast Ethernet connection. The Yima server software manages the storage and network resources to provide real-time service to the various clients that are requesting media streams. The following is a list of features of the Yima system.

The Yima clients run on either Windows or Linux and may utilize a hardware or software decoder to display media streams. We have implemented a number of different clients that support a variety of display bandwidths from less than 1 Mb/s to more than 45 Mb/s.

Furthermore, Yima is the basis of the Remote Media Immersion (RMI) project. RMI is a testbed that integrates many of the technologies that are the result of multiple research efforts. The goal of the RMI is to reproduce the complete aural and visual ambience of an environment that includes people and other real and virtual elements.

We have performed experiments across both LAN and WAN environments. Recent tests were conducted via a trans-continental SUPERNET link from the Information Science Institute (ISI East) at Arlington, VA, and also via Internet2 to the USC campus in Los Angeles, CA.

People Involved
Roger Zimmermann
Kun Fu

Additional Information

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