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PredictGIS 2019 Best Paper Runner-Up

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7 Nov 2019: The team of Xiaocheng Huang (Grabtaxi Holdings), Yifang Yin (National University of Singapore), Simon Lim (Grabtaxi Holdings), Guanfeng Wang (Grabtaxi Research and Development Centre), Bo Hu (Grabtaxi Holdings), Jagannadan Varadarajan (Grabtaxi Holdings), Shaolin Zheng (Grabtaxi Holdings), and Roger Zimmermann (National University of Singapore) received the Honorable Mention Award (Best Paper Runner Up) at the ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Prediction of Human Mobility (PredictGIS 2019) in Chicago, IL, USA, for their work entitled "Grab-Posisi: An Extensive Real-Life GPS Trajectory Dataset in Southeast Asia." Congratulations!

PredictGIS 2019 Best Paper Runner-Up

PredictGIS 2019 Presentation by Yifang Yin

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