ACM MMSys 2020 Grand Challenge - Twitch

Friday, 12 June 2020 12:22 administrator

11 June 2020: The team of May Lim, Mehmet N. Akcay, Abdelhak Bentaleb, Ali C. Begen and Roger Zimmermann, participated in the Adaptation Algorithms for Near-Second Latency Grand Challenge sponsored by Twitch at the ACM MMSys 2020 conference. The challenge focused on achieving near-second end-to-end latency for CMAF-based DASH live streaming. The team's submission is entitled "When They Go High, We Go Low: Low-Latency Live Streaming in dash.js with LoL". The work achieved second place - congratulations ! The LoL code, which is an extension to the open source dash.js video player, is available for download from GitHub.

GitHub LoL dash.js download: here.

NUS School of Computing news coverage: here.

Video presentation of LoL (YouTube, from ACM MMSys 2020): here.

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